1978 Revisited (Instrumental)

2013 Blooz (Instrumental)

Ahh – Cycle of Life

Always Yours

American Citizen

Another Tear

At The Library

Beer Drinker’s Lament

Black Hole Whiskey

Blindly Riding (Collaboration with Rich A. Janitschek)

Blue Blue Baby

Blues Alley (Collaboration with Rich A. Janitschek)


Borrowed Time (Collaboration with Becca Cesario)


Britta’s Smile (Instrumental)

Buckle Up

Come Dance


Dead Man’s Trail

Dee Dah Dee

Don’t Hang Up The Phone

Dukule (Instrumental)


Field of Daisies (Instrumental)


Fishoholic Blues (Collaboration with Rich A. Janitschek)

For You

Four Horsemen



Going Back

Going Brown

Gone Wrong

Good Bad Stoned


Hard Workin’ Woman

HD Bluuz (Instrumental)


I Pledge Allegiance

I Want You

In The Band

In The Rain

Isaac (Instrumental)

It’s You



La Luna Latina

Leaves Falling (Instrumental)

Life In The Key of C (Instrumental)

Life In The Key of EA-zee (Instrumental)

Livin’ In Time (Instrumental)


Love Me Love You

Maddox Scott Cemetery

Make My Way Home

Miss C U Next Tuesday

More Than Friends

Mountain Dreams

Mr. Conductor

Needs & Wants

No Violence

Oh Christmas (Collaboration with Rich A. Janitschek)

Oh Grandma

Okey Dokey

Old Man

On A Saturday Night

On The Phone Again

On This Christmas Night

One Hot Mess

Penelope (Instrumental)


Ride (Instrumental)

Ride All Night Long


Samurai Night (Instrumental)

Semper P.

Shear (Instrumental)

Soft Smoothie (Instrumental)

Someone You Know

Spreading The Brown

Spring Outside My Tipi (Instrumental)

Sunshine Child (Collaboration with Paul Augenstein)

Sunshine On The Grass

Sunshine Valley (Collaboration with Rich A. Janitschek)

Tender Looks (Collaboration with Rich A. Janitschek)

That Gentleman Jack

The Blues

The Curse Words

The Sunet’s Lullaby (Instrumental)

The Wind Blows

They Seem Alright To Me (Collaboration with Jim O’Connor)

Think of the Child

Tolls (Instrumental)

Touch (Instrumental)

Trapped In Your World

Uku Day (Instrumental)

Unfold (Instrumental)

Walk The Trail (Instrumental)

Wanted Dead Or Alive

What About

Wind Through The Trees

With My Little Girl