Is Radio Ready for Ubuntu?  By Tom Vernon. Apr 3, 2015, Radio World.  In the early 1990s, it seemed that the major PC operating systems had pretty well marked their territories. Creative endeavors went with Macintosh; business and finance adopted Windows; Linux was embraced by the computer geeks. But are those boundaries cast in stone? Andrew (A.J.) Janitschek, director of program operations and support for Radio Free Asia, thinks it might be time for radio stations to do a rethink. (En español)

TV Production on a Radio Dime  By Laura Mir. Apr 10, 2012, Radio World.  Radio Free Asia found that a relatively small amount of money can be applied creatively to develop a quality video product. Now it has an impressive studio space and a multi-disciplined staff that can create Web content for Gordon Burnett, Production Engineer III, and A.J. Janitschek, Director of Program and Operations Support, have been working on bringing video services to RFA in Washington DC since their purchase of a Canon GL1 DV mini camcorder in 2000. (Related article:  Remaking Radio, With a Visual Slant See section titled ​Video on a Small Budget)

Radio’s Future May Be in the Clouds  B​y Tom Vernon. Mar 13, 2010, Radio World.  As radio moved from analog technology into the digital age, it has redefined itself. Once thought of as a medium that provided news and entertainment in audio form, it has been restructured as a multimedia content provider. As the digital age matures, it again may need to redefine itself, this time as a data center. A Microsoft graphic explains Windows Azure, a cloud services operating system. Such a transition may be a leap for some; but according to A.J. Janitschek, Director of Program and Operations Support for Radio Free Asia, who talked about cloud computing at the recent NAB Show, coming to grips with this concept gives some direction to radio’s future IT operations.

Does Your Yotta Byte? By AJ Janitschek. Feb 11, 2009, Radio World.  ​Terms like gigabyte and terabyte are part of our everyday language. Others like 1080p, HD Radio and HDMI can also be classified as part of our daily technical vernacular in the radio business, but only a few years ago they were virtually unknown to most. This is a brief study of “the now” in broadcasting and a glimpse at the not-too-distant future.